Draken Harald Hårfagre

The Most Authentic Viking Ship Built in 1000 Years!

  • Built by Norway’s leading experts and craftsmen in traditional boat building, the Draken is the largest reconstruction of a Viking ship built in modern times.
  • Starting in their homeport of Haugesund, Norway, she set sail on the 26th of April on a challenging expedition across the North Atlantic Ocean, the same route the Vikings travelled more than 1,000 years ago. ‘Expedition America’ will explore and relive one of the most mythological sea voyages – the first transatlantic journeys.
  • The Draken is so unique, in that it has no below decks and the only cooking facilities is an open galley. The 33 crew members sleep in a tent on the main deck that can shelter 22 sailors at a time. The crew sleeps in 3 watches with 4 hours work and 8 hours rest. The tent is the only shelter there is onboard!


Ship Stats:

  • Vessel Type: Viking Longship
  • Flag: Norway
  • Homeport: Haugesund, Norway
  • Sparred Length: 115’
  • Beam: 26’
  • Rig Height: 78’
  • Sail Area: 2,798 square feet
  • Power: Sail, Oars
  • Hull: Wood