Celebrate Canada Day weekend with international crews, their ships, food and live music all on Toronto’s Waterfront!

Tall Ships

The tall ships return to Toronto with a Spanish sailing vessel, El Galeon and the most authentic Viking ship ever built, Draken Harald Hårfagre.

The Navy

RWF 2016 welcomes the Royal Canadian Navy with 2 ships, an obstacle course and more!

Let's Shop

The Waterfront Artisan Market returns with unique products and delicious treats from local designers, chefs and entrepreneurs.

Get Ready for #RWF 2016!


Thanks to our amazing Festival Partners!


  • The Martin Goodman Trail is connected for the first time and stretches 56 km in length.

  • Did you know the Norwegian SS Sørlandet is the oldest full-rigged ship in the world! Tall Ships return in 2016!

  • Redpath’s plant has been located on Toronto’s waterfront for over 55 years.

  • Redpath has been proudly crafting sugar in Canada since 1854.

  • If Redpath laid out end to end all of the 2 kg bags of sugar they sell every year, it would stretch from Toronto to Vancouver!

  • The Redpath logo is the oldest logo for a food product in Canada.