Tall Ships® Return!

They are coming!

Well I think I have proven the fact that it is hard to Produce a large scale event […]

The Fleet’s In.

Oh I know it is still cold and horrible outside but that doesn’t prevent us from dreaming about […]

Tall Ship Unicorn

‘This ain’t no cruise sister!’

As a kid my introduction to sailing brought on, what I realize now was, irrational fear. Dad would […]

Sailing & Summer – BRING IT ON!

Turning the corner into February makes us all yearn for warmer weather as exemplified by how riveted we […]

Sugar Beach.2

The weather’s influence on ‘whether’…..

While sailing around the lake these past weeks I gained a renewed understanding of the impact that weather […]

High Five If You Came!

High Five… to all of you who came and got ‘immersed’ in the Redpath Waterfront Festival this year! […]